Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Seriously, I've been gone TWO MONTHS?!?!?!

Holy crap.

Well, I guess I got some splaining. Here goes.

First things first: The computer died. Completely. I'd had trouble with it, then I had trouble with the internet... or so I thought. It was the wireless card. And then the video card died. And then the MOTHERBOARD died. It was just one right after the other. So there went my outlet to the world.

Then: I GOT A BOYFRIEND. Ahh, the typical excuse. Yes, I am just like a million junior high girls who ignore homework and friends in favor of a boy. I am twelve.

And then: I left my retail manager job. I am now working in a production studio, logging videos, and performing "assistant" duties. It's pretty sweet. I work with some great guys.

Theeeeeen: I got a second boyfriend. See how sexy??

That's about it. You're up to date. I am a ridiculous person. I actually had not even checked my primary email account for almost a month. Life is winding down and becoming more..... well, not managable. Calm, I guess. :)

So how are you?