Monday, November 1, 2010

Resurrecting an old blog.... again!

I feel like I only come out of the shadows just to say I'm bringing my blog back to life, only to let it fall by the wayside immediately.

No more! Promise!

"Say Trin", you may be thinking, "Where DID you go?"

Well, I was immersed in work. I worked a lot. Like, a LOT. Too much. As it turned out, while I was excited about my work, it got to be too much for too little reward. As in, I got paid poorly, and when my supervisor left and was replaced, that supervisor didn't appreciate what I was doing. Work sort of became a nightmare. Then, the production company sort of fizzled. They literally ran out of money to pay people. I am still owed, 8 months later, $3000.

Um... what else......ohhh! Yes, and I also moved. My relationship ended around the time my work ended-- while it was amicable, the whole changing-my-entire-life thing sort of stressed me out. And then what did I do? I moved! It was a knee jerk reaction to things changing so abruptly. First, to take a breather and gather my bearings, I moved to just outside of Atlanta, GA, and lived with my cousin for awhile. That was a great way to upheave my life, actually! It was like a vacation, while I plotted my next move. She owns a little coffee shop and I helped run things for awhile. Then, I did what any crafty, art-loving, self-respecting hipster would do: I moved to Brooklyn.

That's where you can find me now! I am once again logging videos and doing editorial work in a production studio (crazy hours but way better environment!), living with friends in Fort Green, traipsing around the city. Life is crazy, but it's a good crazy.

So let's get this blog off the ground again, shall we?