Friday, March 6, 2009

back! life and blogs and stuff

Aha! I'm back!

Chicago was AH-mazing.

Um. You know, if you ignore the weather. I'm back in good ol mild Oakland. It was wonderful to scarf some pizza and see some friends though. Back to the daily grind at work here. Boo, hiss...

I want to get back in the swing and have a new featured shop; that's a fun endeavor. A lot of people coordinate and do giveaways... which.... that seems really interesting, and I like the idea, I just don't know what to do. Would anyone reading this be interested in hooking up on a joint venture? :)

Meanwhile, I will go troll the etsy forums looking for a new shop for the blog. I probably should do an illustrator or something, just to deviate from the jewelry kick I've been on. :)


JuliaA said...

you just barely missed the good weather! it's 60 here in chicago today. it was warm here yesterday too...everyone is kind of surprised and dazed at the change. :)

Trin said...

Boo! I love Chicago when it's pretty but I ended up lucking upon a good airfare AND it was a friend's birthday so I figured I'd risk it. Why can't she have a birthday in May or June??