Sunday, October 26, 2008

sleepy, michelemaule, xmas, etc

Whaaaaaaaaat am I doing awake right now.

Okay, true that it's almost 10am. That's as good a time as any to be awake. Except... I love to sleep in on my days off. And to top it off, I was up incredibly late last night. Cy decided dropping by at midnight with six tons of energy would be the greatest idea evar. And maybe it was! But I didn't hit the hay until almost 5am. So that's why I'm still so bleary eyed. Bah.

Anyways before she showed up I'd bookmarked an etsy shop I wanted to mention here... and here goes-- I found her pretty randomly the other day; I think I was checking someone else's favorites and then that person's favorites (that's an oftentimes tedious yet rewarding method of snooping for new shops that I like to do). I really like this girl's stuff...

Dude, they're so cute. I love the newsprint paired with the bright colors on the collage illustration.

And this titmouse is great. I love stuff like that, so simple.

I was also thinking last night that I really need to get around to Christmas/Hannukkah (i know like 80million ways to spell that word; 77 of them are probably wrong) shopping but I'm so terrible at narrowing ideas down. I may make my own gift guide and post it here in hopes of helping myself make up my own damn, fickle mind... :p

Oh man, I'm hungry. I don't think there's anything left in the apartment but oatmeal.. and my dog. I don't feel like eating the oatmeal... or the dog. Better go find some sustenance.


Estela said...

ooh I love the top one!!
I'm off to check out the shop!

kim* said...

paintings on certain paper really pops and i love it. i want to try it one day.