Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I love tonight even tho I'm sick

I still love Charlie Brown; hot chocolate and the ol' Peanuts gang made me feel tons better tonight.


I love this plate from dolamakes.etsy.com

Isn't that friggin cute? It'd be great for a photographer friend. If only I had one of those. Bah! I added this shop to my faves yesterday or so; they had some adorable owl salt & pepper shakers featured on the front page. Nice stuff <3


I also love anything fox-related. This necklace for instance, from the aptly named citizenfox.etsy.com


Anything vintage. I can't even begin to link all the dresses and stuff I found thru the simplest searches on etsy. I do have to say I should really stop trying to buy on ebay; I hadnt thought of looking at the vintage stuff on etsy before tonight and there's a ton more stuff than I expected.


Hulu.com. It's kind of lame in the movies categories but I'm thrilled to have a way to keep up with any episodes of 30 Rock or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that I have missed.


kim* said...

i like both of those a
lot lot lot

Estela said...

I felt like a 4 year old watching charlie brown last night! I was giggling all over the place!
LOVED IT!! And that plate?! I NEED IT!