Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etsy Featured Shop - Unoriginal Sinner

And here it is, the return of my Featured Etsy Shop.... Feature! This week, it's unoriginalsinner.etsy.com, a jewelry shop definitely worth checking out!

So introduce yourself to us! I'm in Louisville KY, a recently graduated art student just enjoying the school-free life at the moment. I'm into any kind of art i can get my hands on- photography, ink drawing, painting, even modeling. Jewelry making is actually my most recent artistic endeavor but something I've really jumped into. I like elegance with an edge; anything that is beautiful but also kind of creepy or dark is a go!

Skull and Crossbones Steampunk Necklace - $20

How long have you been running your etsy shop? I started on etsy last summer but didn't really do much in the way of promotion; I really got into it around this past Christmas when I discovered all the wonderful supply shops on etsy and the inspiration just took off!

Winged Yellow Rose Necklace - $12

What really turned you on to making jewelry in the first place? As a kid my aunt was a jewelry maker and general crafter and I would spend hours playing with her supplies. I inherited her collection when she passed and I still put something of hers in to almost everything I do.

Do you have a special workspace or studio where you do all your work, or are you more scattered, working all over the place? I think people's workspaces are interesting. Right now I have a little space on the corner of the couch where I flip open my supply case and spread out on the side table while the boyfriend plays video games :) I just moved into the place, so I'm hoping as things get more organized that I can claim a little table space of my own.

Steampunk Swallow Necklace - $14

A pic of the seller herself!

photo - vintage doll studios 2008

Thanks to Unoriginal Sinner! Be sure to check out her shop. Check in next week for the next featured shop!


radioactivepencil said...

those are incredibly pretty

IfiHadaHammer said...

Sweet feature! Great stuff. So pretty.

Audrey said...

Wow!! Her items are amazing. Will have to go see her shop!!