Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop - ErinBowe

Without much further ado, I present to you this week's Featured Etsy Shop! It's, a jewelry shop focused on traditional metalsmithing techniques. I sent Erin some questions and she had some pretty spiffy answers. Read on!

Here is some rambling in answer to your questions:
So, tell us about yourself. Metalsmithing is my life right now – a full-time job. And oh yeah, I have another full-time job during the day too. I don’t ever have “free time” to just relax, but I don’t really need it because sawing and soldering is what relaxes me anyway! If winter ever ends, I’ll get outside to rearrange my perennial gardens – it’s like art on a really large scale.

How long have you been running your etsy shop?I registered on Etsy last October, but I didn’t start listing items until early December. I also just set up a second shop for handmade supplies and other findings –

What is it that really turned you onto metalsmithing in the first place?I actually started working with metal to give myself an outlet where I didn’t have to be perfect. Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned, but now I’ve found “my” medium.

Tell us about your studio; it sounds very interesting from the mention on your profile.
My studio….well, my house is about 120 years old, and we have a nice fieldstone basement. The original owners of the house had built a little room down there, making the walls from long planks of wood. The door was trimmed with wood detail that was also on the pie-safe that had been left in the house. A massive old workbench and tools were also in the house when we moved in. So, now this space is my studio, and I even use some of the tools that were left here.

What is it that gets you in the mood to create? Do you have anything habits or rituals to get yourself inspired to work? I’m in the mood to create 24/7! Most of my inspiration comes from every-day things, especially nature and architecture. I do get even more motivated when listening to music though. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds often keep me company.

And be sure to check out her links:

Thanks, Erin!


Jess said...

thanks for the headsup. I will have to check out that shop!

Becca said...

Beautiful work!

Lauren said...

Very stunning! Love her work and her photos showing it off!