Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holy crap. I haven't been online in basically a week.

ALSO holy crap:

It is a friggin loch ness monster necklace!!!! And it's PRETTYYYY!

Tegan emailed me that this morning and of course I ran (clicked) straight over to etsy to stare at the items this person has to offer... they all look quite striking, and well made. They're pretty creative, even by etsy standards if you ask me. I mean, there is a Godzilla Robot necklace. So definitely, check out Fun!

Hrm... what else... Oh, hey, actually check out Stela's latest over at Life of a Bird
. The pouches are so awesome. <3

I ought to really be getting ready to run errands... but.. I kinda just wanna lie here in bed.

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blackfeatherfarm said...

Wow, interesting necklace, and like you say - pretty !