Wednesday, December 24, 2008

XMas Eeeeve

Bwa-ha-ha! So the wifi DOES work at the hotel. I'm currently kicking it in the hotel suite, the smell of sugar cookies wafting through the air.... God bless hotels with kitchenettes! We did have to make a mad dash to the grocery store for a cookie sheet and some ingredients and it was a madhouse to be sure, but the reward will soon be delicious, warm cookies!

Our plans to go hiking went right out the window, as I thought they would. Especially since it's rainy and gross. Meh. Butttt, you know, that is perfect weather for hot cocoa and cookies.

Our tentative plans are to scarf some cookies, be a bit lazy, go see a movie (cough cough Yes Man cough), and then afterwards... I think Adam (the bro) and I will recruit whatever friends I have left in town for some delightful drinking, maybe at my favorite Oakland bar, Radio. Assuming it's open. Merry Christmas to all!!


Giftbearer said...

That photo with all the chocolate is simply delectible!

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mary jane said...

oooh sugar cookies and hot chocolate sound lovely!
i used to live in oakland...
but we always went to zeitgeist in sf...
have fun!