Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etsy Featured Shop - Makeshift Apparel

Every Wednesday I'm going to be featuring a different etsy shop. The first one up is DIY/screenprinting shop! I sent a few questions to Amanda, and she was nice enough to answer them. Behold!

1. Tell us about yourself-- who's the brains behind Makeshift Apparel?
My name is Amanda Weselman, I'm 20 years old but I'll be 21 on January 27th. I'm from Gilbert, Arizona. I love sewing, tattoos, and I play guitar. My favorite kind of music is thrash metal.

2. How long have you been running your business? How long have you been screenprinting or sewing?
I've been running Makeshift Apparel since May 2008. I learned how to screenprint about three years ago using the Speedball Screenprinting kit and then I got a job at a screenprinting shop where I learned a lot more about it. I started sewing in junior high just by hand, and then I got a sewing machine and eventually took some classes.

3. Makeshift's shop description mentions being environmentally friendly-- what does this entail?
Recycling fabrics and reconstructing clothes that may have ended up in a landfill into something new.

4. Work spaces and studios are always interesting to me... Do you have a special workspace or studio where you do all your work, or are you more scattered, working all over the place?
I work mostly on my dining room table, haha. Hopefully someday I'll be able to get a studio.

5. Between screenprinting and reconstructions, do you have a preference? What do you like to do more?
I enjoy sewing more than screenprinting, I love making unique clothing.


Be sure to find Makeshift Apparel on Myspace!


able mabel said...

Wow! What a fun feature! Great job.

carla said...

Oh, nice! I always love features like that. I like her stuff!

Raven said...

Great feature, Trin! :)


Caly said...

Very awesome shop you featured and a great blog! I'll follow