Sunday, January 25, 2009

♥ Valentine's Day Picks! ♥

So, you basically have 20 days to do your Valentine's Day shopping. And so what if it's a manufactured holiday? Chances are SOMEONE you know likes to receive a gift, no matter what the day! Boyfriend, girlfriend, BFF, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, the mailman, your local friendly barista, whoever! People like to receive. It's a fact. Gifts are fun.

So, like I had been promising, here's my Valentine's Day items... I had people convo me on Etsy, and found a few things myself, and here they are.

Ch-ch-check 'em out!
An inventive map of Boston-turned-anatomical heart! $2.50
A dainty glass Valentine heart necklace ~ $15.00
"What's In Your Heart" anatomical ring ~ $25.00
A copper heart & vintage flower necklace! $22.00
A handmade cuddly teddy bear to keep you warm at night... $70.00

All of the shops are great! I encourage you to check the rest of their wares out! Thanks to those involved, and Happy Valentine's Day (early)!


mshalston said...

Thanks for featuring my map! The other choices are lovely as well. :)


Beth said...

Fantastic find!

TransCanadaEtsy said...
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Enthral said...

This is lovely! thanks for featuring my necklace with so many other lovely items!

Block Party Press said...

So many great Valentine's Picks! I have found a few new favorites. Thanks so much for including my ring!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Trin. Etsy is definitely a wonderful place to troll around for wonderful things!