Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Site Of the Day: Trend Hunter

So, I'm back in business.

Clearly you know you're running on empty when you have to take time off from your computer.

I'm so in the wrong business! Retail management is not for me... I've worn myself down between all the long hours and the stress and the being sick and not giving myself enough time to get over it... and so on. SO not a big deal, but it's high time I just take it down a notch, so I don't get the darn flu next time.


This is a website I started watching and joined not long ago-- Trend Hunter. It's just interesting, it depends on 20,000+ members to feed it new trends, things that are captivating people's interests... maybe you already know this! I am always the last to catch on. :P

So, I saw this on the front page just a bit ago and it grabbed my attention, because anyone who knows me can tell ya, my number one dream would be to have pink hair. I think it comes from watching 'Jem' as a kid.

So. Cool. Love it!

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