Saturday, November 1, 2008

after the sick!

You know, I thought I'd be more pissed and/or depressed that I basically missed Halloween due to the plague, but as it turned out, Charlie Brown was really as festive as I needed to get this year. And lets look at it this way: I saved money I would have blown on a costume and then at bars/parties/etc. so it's not all bad, huh.

And also, a shout out to the two things that totally turned my whole being sick around.....with cold season coming up, I will definately refer back to this. Number one, something I was way skeptical about, Neil Med Sinus Rinse. It's super gross, I knew someone who used this or a neti pot or something and I was too freaked out by the idea, but... I bit the bullet this week and tried this stuff out and omg it worked guys. I followed THAT up with Mucinex FULL FORCE nasal spray. And yeah I really only bought it because of the name. It sounded very promising! Between those two things, I was finally able to breathe through my nose, which was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for like 3 days solid.

Anyway grossness about something super duper adorable?

omg, it's a necklace! A bit out of my price range, but it's soooo great. kathiroussel's etsy shop is full of super great stuff. This is basically all I've done all week... looked up jewelry on etsy.

That, AND read this book: 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running'. My friend is a huge Murakami fan and suggested this to me, because I've been running more and more. I love how he writes... or how his writing is translated, I guess. It's a good read. I normally don't like memoirs but this read really...... smooth? I don't know how to describe it, but I really enjoyed it.


Estela said...

good thing you're feeling better!! I'll keep those medicines in mind when sickness comes over me.
That necklace is gorgeous!

Stacey said...

Gorgeous necklace! After many sinus problems I finally learned about the rinsing and neti pot, it really does work. :)

Trin said...

The whole rinsing thing is pretty GROSS over all, and a weird sensation but darn it, it WORKS. Totally worth it.