Saturday, November 8, 2008


So, here's a recap of the won. And everyone went insane. Maybe you heard! I definitely celebrated..... the next day though the celebration waned a bit when it was clear that Proposition 8 was passed here in California. I'm pretty stumped on that one. I am ALL FOR religious freedom which is something people are citing as reasons to vote for Proposition 8, but pleeeaaaase. People of all religions, all races can marry. Atheists who reject the idea of the church and its decrees can marry. Why on earth can't homosexual people? It just comes down to love, and I don't think any human on earth should pass judgment on that kind of thing. It is to take away basic, human rights.

It upsets me! My godmother and her wife have been together for 23 years. They're so dedicated to each other, and the community. They're such good people, and it angers me that their lives can be dictated by others' close-mindedness.

Anyway. That's probably enough soap-boxing for this blog. Blah!! We'll get it together someday.

My mom emailed to say she needed a Christmas list from me. It's that time of year, where I try desperately to remember all the things I kinda wanted all year but never got for myself and try to convince family members to buy them for me.

I'll start with this:

That table rules. I love West Elm with an unexplained passion.

And I love skincare by Aveda but am so thrifty I just stick to whatever I can buy at Sav-On or Target. Tis the season to try your luck!

I should start checking out gift guides. Or maybe even make my own! Or just post my whole wish list here. Maybe I'll get something from one of my adoring fans (jk). ;p

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