Sunday, November 30, 2008


So here we go... like I said, I was gonna do a holiday wishlist. Finally got around to it.... it's a lengthy one!'s Octo-Owl Tote

Are you kidding me? This is amazing. I love it. It's a perfect mix of bizarre and AWESOME.'s Kendal Ring

It's so elegant and ecclectic. I love the stud set into the wood; it gives it such an unusual look.'s Hi, There

I really like this artist's style; I actually bought an ACEO from her etsy shop and I think I'd like to go ~original~. I love the frame it comes in.'s Daisy

I really like the brown background; it provides a nice contrast with the whiter areas of this drawing. I really like this artist's big-eyed style; it's very whimsical.' STEAMPUNK OX CUFF BRACELET

Quite frankly, if someone doesn't get me some form of steampunk jewelry this Christmas, I will blow my top. I have dropped enough hints, dammit. I love how complex this cuff is.

Matter's Phonophone II

Guys, this is fantastic. Number one, it looks like a piece of art, number two, it's an ipod speaker, number three, it uses no external power source. It's sculptural, beautiful design. It's also... $500.

Matter's Mr and Mrs Jones

The most darling juicers around.

Castle In The Air's Deco Red Indian Stationary

I'm not sure exactly what it is about the colors that I love so very much, but I do. I also need stationary!'s Sex & the City Complete Series Giftset

Um, I kind of need this. I should not have to explain myself. I just need it.

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Hey Harriet said...

Wow! That's quite a wish list you have there! I hope you at least score something from it. I very much like your taste! I'm glad to have found your blog :)