Friday, November 21, 2008

I find this to be a hilarious concept.

Give the Good Reverend a photo of yourself (or someone you love, or someone you hate) and he will do his damnedest to bring every flaw, scar and wrinkle to the forefront in your very own hand-drawn Unflattering Portrait. He may even invent a flaw or two for good measure.

I loves it.

In unrelated news, I also loves this!


It's so dare I say... whimsical? I like the line work, it's a nice illo AND shirt all in one.

Still blowin' my nose like there's no tomorrow... but Owen and I may go catch a movie tonight, if I can keep it together long enough to sit in a dark theater. I kinda want to see 'Bolt'... but I picked last time so Owen gets final say.

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Silvery Brownish said...

that unflattering picture thing is muy excellente.