Thursday, November 13, 2008


So for a while now I've had Scarlettcat's blog linked here on the right; I found it via etsy one night and I really, really liked her style of drawing, and the writing. I was playing on there today-- she has a very good article on marketing on twitter on there-- and looked through her etsy shop and zomg, so great. I guess I forgot to really mention her here before. SO I'm mentioning now!

I like this piece she has featured currently:

It's fun stuff.

Also (sorta) fun is that I am off today, which will enable me to do some Christmas shopping! I will get the parental units out of the way first. They're always the hardest so I better not save them for last. But ugh, what to get them! They already HAVE everything... Boo. At least it's a gorgeous day out!


Vyeshi said...

Love your's very cute and i love how you feature what you find interesting.

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Thanks so much for featuring me - I really appreciate it. Also, i know EXACTLY how you feel with trying to find parental Christmas presents. Augh!! xxx scarlett