Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blubber Lubber

So when I was at Comic Con in July I happened upon this table just beyond the small press area on my way to the bathroom and found this super neat book:

'Blubber Lubber' by Dan Hay

It's very simple and straight-forward; each page is a drawing. As Dan Hay's blog notes, he draws "interesting strangers I see during the course of a day". It was intruiguing to say the least and I had a giggle or two flipping thru it and since I was on a buying spree I just had to have it and so I snatched it up. As it's been noted before I love caricature and cartoons so this was really fun to have. I've just ordered a second one for a friend for Christmas, as $15 it's a pretty decent deal.

I wish I could draw..!

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