Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alameda Flea Market, etc.

I was up very late last night; Owen had Eileen and Blake and some nameless friend of the both of them over, and they were watching Vin Diesel movies

And I thought that was kind of hilarious so I joined in even though I was totally supposed to skype with Arved (sorry i stood you up buddy). And then I had a glass of wine. JUST one. And yet I felt like hell this morning. Am I getting soft in my old age??

I must be.. hell I am about to write about a flea market.

But not just any flea market!! The Alameda Flea Market. We're talking 800+ booths. We're talking the first Sunday of every month, you're in church, and that church is the Alameda Flea Market.....maybe I'm being extreme. But seriously, I'm giddy with anticipation, see, because I usually am working the days it's open, or I've got prior commitments. But Dec. 7, when it's open again, I AM FREE AND CLEAR!

The vendors are excellent, I walked away with some great vintage prints a few months back. And I'm very happy that I am able to go on the 7th, because I plan on slashing a few names off the ol' Christmas/Chanukah lists.

You can come away with fabulous vintage treasures here, and I hiiiiighly recommend it, if you're ever in the area.


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Lauren said...

Whoa! What a crazy couch! It's like a couch from the future....but if victorian style became "in" again.