Friday, November 14, 2008


Hindsight is 20/20; looking back in retrospect at Halloween, even tho I was super sick, I realize now what the bestest costume would've been:

A Fafinette

Fafi, is of course the French graffiti princess that had people flocking to LeSportsac and M.A.C these past two years to snatch up the collaborative pieces she had done for them. I still sigh when I look fondly upon my LeSportsac overnighter adorned with a Fafi print.

I dunno what it is about her work, or work like hers; cutesy little vixens doing cutesy little things... it's appealing and perhaps the naughtiness is just fun. I don't think of it as Lolita-esque or anything. But I love finding illustrations like hers, or like others that I've even mentioned here on this blog. Maybe it's just the bizarro story she concocted for the Fafinettes:
"Fafi’s characters live in the virtual world, Carmine Vault. Found in the Carmine Vault: sad elephant-like creature called Hmilos; big romantic lumps of earth called Hillminis; and a pirate rat named Birtak. (The Fafinettes amputated Birtak’s leg, replacing it with a wooden prosthetic cane. The Fafinettes didn’t want Birtak to get away.)"

From FrontMag's article on Fafi

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